We have so much fun at

Brambly House!

'Tilly skips and runs into nursery which is a joy to see and always has such a happy and fun filled day. We couldn't have asked for a better place for her to start her education'

“Brambly House was our first choice for Jesse. We were so glad when a slot became available for him, but we could not have imagined how well he would fit in and how quickly he would become comfortable with the environment, the lovely staff and his new friends. We’ve seen him grow in confidence, and his development, curiosity and engagement have taken a huge leap since starting at nursery. What a lucky boy to belong in such a lovely place."

"Ever since Domonkosh started in Brambly House, staff is always supportive and look after his individual needs. We genuinely think, there would be no other place where this kind of care and attention would exist on an individual basis. Due to this, Domonkosh is always happy and eager to go to Brambly House and nags us about this every day. Thank you for allowing him to become a happy little boy who enjoys this experience immensely."

"Our 2 year old daughter is currently attending Brambly House following in the footsteps of her older sister who had an amazing 3 years at the nursery. I'd heard good things about Brambly House, but only when our eldest started did I really understand how it stands out from so many others. It's like a home from home. All children are welcomed and treated as individuals and the home cooked food and access to 'Mr Kevin's garden' all adds to the small, family atmosphere. The staff provide a really caring, supportive environment. When ready, they prepared our eldest daughter for school meaning she was really ahead of the game with Literacy and Numeracy when it came to starting Reception. Miss Andrea and Miss Tamsyn are always available to address any concerns and we found the regular, face to face review meetings so, so valuable. Miss Tamsyn is an absolute expert in her field and deserves a medal. We had a few options for our youngest in terms of childcare but there was only ever one place she was going to go! "

"Shortly after starting at Brambly House it became apparent that my son had some additional needs which were identified and addressed by staff. They have been thoughtful and inventive in ensuring resources and extra staff are in place to make sure my son can enjoy his time at nursery and achieve his full potential. Their communication with us as parents has been excellent to ensure we know what he has been doing and how he has been. I would thoroughly recommend Brambly House, it provides excellent learning opportunities within a caring, nurturing and supportive environment."


"My son started at Brambly House in January of this year. He has found the transition from one to one to nursery difficult but the staff at Brambly House could not have done more to pay attention to his individual needs and to support him through the adjustment. I could not have wished for a more nurturing, creative and inspiring environment for Jake. He has learnt and grown so much in the last 9 months and is full of stories of his adventures at Brambly House and of the teachers and children who have become a very important part of his world. Thank you to all."


"Our son, Reuben, is very happy at Brambly House.  It’s a small nursery in a lovely setting where he can feel very secure.  It’s great that there’s so much focus on nature and craft activities.  He has a lovely time.  Everyone is very caring and supportive.  The food is delicious – I am always very envious when I read the day’s menu!"